We Provide

Vintage tableware rentals

in Southern California

Gorgeous, mismatched china.

Crisp, clean & beautiful.

Mason jars, goblets, crystal vases & more

Our Rates
Item Price
Dinner plate $2.00
Salad/dessert plate $1.00
Teacup & teacup plate $1.00
Wine goblet $1.00
Mason jar $0.50
Crystal vase $0.50
Knife $0.50
Fork $0.50
Spoon $0.50

One Fine Table was created by long-time friends Beth and Stacey. The idea was conceived when Beth was planning her wedding, with help from Stacey as one of her bridesmaids. The pair had difficulty finding a service that could bring to life the vintage-themed table-settings they wanted within a reasonable budget, and so they began collecting all they needed to do it themselves. After receiving interest from other brides-to-be, One Fine Table was born.


Sustainability is an important aspect of One Fine Table, and we are committed to minimizing our carbon footprint. All our dish soaps are eco-friendly, and our plates are packed using natural materials. We even transport everything to you in a hybrid!

Send us a message on the contact form and we’ll be in touch to learn more about your event and how we can help.